The New Year



 It’s inevitable. With every new year comes new possibilities, a new mindset maybe, but without fail there comes the New Years resolutions. Some stick, however most don’t. It’s inevitable. I know for a fact that I have made New Years resolutions that I have forgotten about until June. At this point I remember, “Oh yes! I was meant to eat healthy and get fit this year… well I’ve already missed six months so I’ll just push the snooze button until next year!”. How do you make them stick? First, you have to write them somewhere where they will constantly be visible and accessible. Visibility is key, thats why I chose a fairly large whiteboard. The secret is not just writing the long term goals that you have for the year, write the short term goals too. Write down goals that you know are definitely happening, being able to tick off those goals you’re already sure about during the year keeps the momentum you started with in January. Write simple goals that will make you happy, for example “Rollerskating along scarborough beach.” or “Go to a festival / concert.”. These goals are achievable and you’ll have fun in the process. Make short term goals that contribute to your long term goals! For example, if you want to start living healthier try these short term goals:
– Eat two fruits a day
– Go without fizzy drinks for a month
– Sign up for Pilates at a gym
– Take public transport once a week
These will slowly become apart of your everyday life, the rest will just automatically fall into place and before you know it you’ll be living a healthier life than you had started the year with! Never forget that som long term goals take longer than a year but if in one year you find that you’ve completed short term goals that go towards the long term goal then you’ve achieved something. Looking at it positively, focusing on the wins and not the losses is the best way to achieve goals. This year I wrote 40 goals, long and short term and I’ve already ticked off a few, simply because I planned to, I knew I would. It’s inevitable. 


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