Dream Chasing

imageDreams.Everyone has them, there’s no denying that we imagine our futures, we have dreams, goals and visions. We want them so much so that we are willing to chase them down until we can touch it with our own hands and see it with our own eyes. I’ve always been a dreamer, until halfway through high school, there’s that stage where everyone has suddenly developed an overwhelming sense of negativity or chronic pessimism concerning their future. They begin to see the ‘real world’ for what it is, or what they think it is. They’re dreams are suddenly more reasonable and based on their grades and where they come from. This thinking is everywhere, not just in high school students going through a 1/5th life crisis!

At some point we began to condense our dreams so they become more achievable. At some point I began to think, “Well what’s the fun in that?”. Why stop chasing your big dreams. In running after your dreams, you begin to exercise your faith, your spirit of adventure and your imagination! No dream is too big for a mind that is not confined! Dreams. Everyone has them. The question is, are you willing to chase yours?


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