#1 The Planner 


With the beginning of my uni life just around the corner I began to look back at the unorganised mess that was high school. I remember at the beginning of every new school year I would tell myself that this is the opportunity to reinvent myself. To become an organised goddess! It never happened. This time however, as I careen towards adulthood, I realised that it would be a good idea to have som kind of organisation in my life. So join me on this journey!

Over the years I have become well acquainted with YouTube. Particularly organisational videos, and most of them seem to include the need for a planner. So I’ve decided to invest in a good planner. My reasoning is that I wont use a planner I’m not attracted to, it has to be a good looking planner! So a couple of Pinterest boards and YouTube videos later, I cam to the conclusion that Kikki.K was the way to go. Naturally I stalked them on every available social media site and may I just say that their YouTube channel will make you super excited about owning a Kikki.K planner! With that being said, I’m off to buy a planner.


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