Main Street and Style

I suppose it’s about time I explain myself. Over the past few years I had dreamed of starting a fashion blog. Last year I finally started one, or two, six. Each was started with the intention of being serious then as most would say life got in the way. But when I think of it, this blog is my dream, therefore it is my life! So essentially I got in the way of my own life! Now with the help of a good friend I’ve started Main Street and Style. In the past I haven’t frequently been writing but now I have a renewed perspective and I am ready and raring to go! My vision for Main Street and Style is to primarily be a fashion blog, each outfit will be shown in a street, hence the Street and Style part. However, I also want this blog to be a place where one can learn, wether it be style tips, make up tips, DIY’s or life tips! This is a place for anyone and everyone. This blog will also give you an inside look at the life of a Fashion and Journalism student, you’ll get to follow me as I start my first year, through the ups and downs. This is just the beginning of a crazy amazing adventure. This is Main Street and Style.


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