Lazy Days 

I remember those days when I would wish to be sick so that I could skip school. When things get a little busy I sometimes wish I was sick enough to be lazy and stay in bed all day. I realized that it never happens when we want to. Today has been a sick in bed day for me and unfortunately it was one of those days where I had planned to do a lot of things. I had an extensive to do list that hasn’t been touched on at all. Until now that is. I was very much inspired to write a blog post when I started looking for outfits to wear when you’re feeling sick and how to look good when you’re sick.  
I have somewhat beaten the sick all day slump and I have brought you a little inspiration! In typical sit in bed sick all day fashion, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube became my new best friend. Most of what I discovered I already new. On a lazy day, sports bras and bralettes become a second skin.

Freedom of movement is the reason for most lazy days, this means baggy pants, sweatpants for ‘a stay in all day lazy day and boyfriend jeans for a ‘wanted to stay inside all day but life happened’ lazy day. Pair these with a cute camisole, graphic tee or cropped sweater and you’re good to go!

That being said, lazy doesn’t always mean baggy. As far as I’m aware, workout gear is beyond comfortable! Sports luxe is a trend that has taken the world by storm and a day spent running errands is a day spent in sports gear. The best part is no one will know if you’ve been to the gym or not! So go and enjoy your next lazy day in style!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. prettydaring says:

    Ugh, all these outfits are so divine. Gotta love the comfy Calvin Klein underwear, I’ve never looked back after buying their bras! X


    1. themainstreetandstyle says:

      They’re so comfy! Haha


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