Orientation Day 1

  Every ounce of friendly advice could not have prepared me for this week. Orientation week. It’s quite self explanatory so I won’t go into further detail. During my time at O-Week, I made new friends, caught up with old friends and discovered I had enrolled into all the wrong units! The panic I felt in that moment was absolutely terrifying! I mean, this is the rest of my life we’re talking about! I managed to get myself under control, but not without a little rant session with a friend over coffee. It was in my fashion lecture that I realised that I would need to be extra organised! The list of materials to buy is endless and the amount of time I’d need to dedicate to this major alone is huge! Well according to my mentor at least and she’s only doing one major. On the other hand I’m doing two majors, running my own blog as well as contributing to others and actively looking for a job! So I did the only thing I know how. I went shopping, nothing too crazy but I took a trip to the city with my coffee friend and spent a considerable amount of time in Kikki.K weighing the pros and cons of various planners. Yes, I did it! I bought a Kikki.K planner, with a student discount! Oh the perks of being a student! So I’m off to set up my new planner. Wish me luck!


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