Steel Magnolia

A steel magnolia is typically a southern woman with the strength of steel yet the gentleness of a magnolia. Of course this isn’t a phrase you come across very often nowadays, this new trending word, Lady Boss might make a little more sense. In this day and age, women are becoming more and more independent. The fashion blogging scene is dominated by women. As women we are changing and evolving specifically in the business world. It’s amazing, however sometimes being in such a world where we have to be tougher than usual we become more boss than lady, more steel than magnolia.

Finding that balance can be difficult. You don’t want to turn into a monster yet you don’t want to become a doormat. I personally believe that it’s all about confidence. The confidence you have in yourself as a woman and the confidence you have in your abilities go hand in hand. You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to be confident, its in the way you carry yourself. I was reading a magazine the other day and it said that when women state an opinion we make it sound like a question instead of a fact. Or we say “I think” or end the sentence with “If that’s okay.”. As women we do have submissive tendencies but I believe we should never hide ourselves, our opinions and our thoughts. Being assertive in such a way is not impolite. It’s the steel that is within us.

You don’t have to be southern to be a steel magnolia. You just have to confidently be yourself. In true fashion I’ve created an outfit that any steel magnolia can wear with style!


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