A Coffee Fueled Musing

Buzzing. That’s the only way to describe how I currently feel. It’s been one of those busy and long weeks where I managed to be so busy but get nothing done all at once. So today I decided to cram all my work into one sitting. Which I did, but not without the assistance of a Café Au Lait. It gave me the energy I needed to get everything done and then some. Unfortunately there’s a surplus. So here I am. I’ve decided to make a plan for this blog. I’m lying to myself if I just call it a hobby. I want this to go somewhere, I have so much to say and too many ideas for me to keep this to myself. So I bought a camera. Well, it was a gift. I happened to do media in high school but that is the extent of my photography skills. I believe that if you’re really passionate about something and you want to see it grow, it requires an investment. This is mine. Investments of such things are usually the hardest things to give, time and money. But just so you know it’s worth while! I’m investing three years to my passion at university! I also invested $500 which for a student isn’t cheap! However, I invested with the knowledge that I will gain so much more in the future. I’m still quite buzzing and I have a 9am lecture. 2 hours travel time equals a 7am departure. I am definitely excited to see what tomorrow brings. Or maybe it’s just the coffee.


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