Love What You Do

As usual, a cup of coffee has brought me here. And a quote. Do what you love. This was mainly inspired by a moment I had late last week. I was walking up the stairs to my bathroom thinking about my education. I then began to regret choosing my journalism course and I started weighing my options. The main option being to drop the major. I then realised it was a day past the census date which means that if I decide to drop the major, I will still have to pay for the units. I felt trapped. Do what you love. How do you love what you do? Always be inspired, read, listen, explore. Inspire yourself! I’m not going to waste time counting down the days until my degree is finished! I plan on enjoying everything good and becoming strengthened in the hardships that are bound to come! With my 4 weeks into the semester crisis, I thought I should share this thought! And my cream filled coffee! Do what you love and love what you do! 



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