A Little Lesson

Discouragement is a massive stumbling block. I’ll start with that. It can lead to so many things, feelings of inadequacy and inefficiency. Dealing with the discouragement slump can be difficult. I’ve been in one of those slumps for the past three weeks. Assignments have been due and for me, my fashion assignment was the last straw. Oral presentation shave never been a big deal for me, I quite fancy public speaking. However, presenting something I have made makes me feel quite vulnerable, it’s like letting 20 odd people look into my mind and see how it works, also letting them see my flaws. I’m going to use that fateful Thursday afternoon as an example of what not to do. I walked into that class rushed, because I left some of my work to the last minute, I didn’t commit myself to what I was doing. That’s the first thing, be committed and give it your all, there is no way that you can tell yourself you’re not good enough if you’ve been trying to be the best! The way these presentations are done is by placing the garments you’ve made on mannequins around the room… for everyone to see. The moment I saw everyone else’s work I began comparing. From there I concluded that everyone had done a lot better than I did. Comparison is a very dangerous activity and once it becomes a habit, you will never be satisfied. It causes you to critique yourself too harshly which is what I did, I had made negative conclusions about my own work when others thought differently. After the presentation was over, it was all I thought about, on the way home, during dinner, before I went to bed, the morning after! There is nothing wrong with being disappointed in yourself, you can learn and grow from it, but when you begin to dwell on your disappointment, you fall into the discouragement slump and it’s pretty hard to get out of it! I am currently on a rainy train ride back from University. I had gone into my Monday feeling discouraged about my journalism degree, then I received feedback from my tutor and it turns out I am going in the right direction. Sometimes we just need a positive word, or we just need to ask questions. Ask for help and you can’t go wrong! My Monday morning grind just got a little easier!


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