DIY: Cushion Covers 

I decided my bed was looking a little sparse a couple of months ago so I decided to buy cushions for my bed, however I discovered that cushions were pretty expensive for a student on a budget. I then had this eureka moment and decided that I could just DIY it! So here’s what I did:Grab the cushion you want to cover and a large piece of paper, draw the outline in pencil making sure you leave enough space for the seam allowance for sewing. 

Cut two pieces of whatever fabric you want, it can be two of the same or two different pieces, I’ve done both. 

Placing the right sides together sew around the three edges and leave the fourth. When you turn it inside out you should have the brighter side of the fabric on the outside or the side with the pattern. 

Put the cushion into the cover and glue one side of the open edge onto the other side with fabric glue. This step is optional, if you want to, you can add a zip or buttons but I liked this way because it’s quick and easy! 

That’s it! I’m looking forward to making more, the cushions I’ve made used spare fabric and old bedding. I used neutral colours here but I’m definitely leaning towards brighter colours!


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