Be Inspired 

People have this tendency to say that I’m stylish and not going to lie, I am! The thing is, we all are! If a band tee, skinny jeans and converse is what you love to wear then that is your style. Your style is what you love. Now, I have this thing where I fall in love with anything! Last week it was grey and turtlenecks, this week its prints and dresses. It’s whatever inspires me at the moment. Which what brings me to my next point! Inspiration, you can find it anywhere and everywhere. Just take a walk and you’ll be inspired! My latest design for my fashion class was inspired by a pinecone! Try hard enough and don’t try all at the same time and I guarantee, you will be inspired! If that made sense, then I’ve done a good job. If it didn’t, take a look at these pictures!


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  1. miraclewings says:

    Yes, well said, your can find inspiration anywhere just you need to have a good perception to look at things

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  2. egoeyes says:


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    1. themainstreetandstyle says:



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