Just A Fashion Student

I like to think of myself as someone that sticks to a decision they made. This year decided to study two majors. Fashion and Journalism. While I liked them both, I enjoyed fashion more. My creative mind disagrees with being restricted. To me that’s what my Journalism degree felt like. So this semester I am just a fashion student. Being able to make wearable dresses made me realise my capacity and my capabilities were more than I originally thought! Journalism was my back up plan but I realised that dreams shouldn’t have back up plans!

 On the journey towards one dream there can be changes of plans but back up plans cast a shadow of doubt over your dream. It’s like telling yourself that there is some part of you that can’t achieve your goals. It’s playing it safe.

 If your dream involves playing it safe then why work hard, why strive for excellence when you have plan b, c and d waiting in the wings. It limits your drive, when you realise that this is it, there’s nothing else, no other option, it fills you with a fierce determination. You can be unbeatable, unmatchable. In fact, you are unbeatable and unmatchable, there is a unique drive inside of each and every one of us! It just needs a bit of a push, a little shove and the right dream. Here’s to two and a half hears of being Just A Fashion Student.


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