The Palazzo Trend

The day women were able to wear trousers was a day to remember. Now this trend is coming back full force. Wearing pants with a feminine touch adds an authoritative twist to any outfit. There is no point in your life where you can say you’ve worn this style of pants and not felt completely in control and comfortable all at once!
Bringing back the ’60s and ’70s has never been more fun and this fashionista knows just how it’s done. Wearing this trend can be done in two ways. Dress it down or dress it up. Palazzo pants are long and flowy. They encourage a beautiful feminine silhouette. When worn with heels they elongate the lower half of your body, this effect is stunning and is a definite plus for us fun-sized girls.
This Fashionista has definitely dressed it up with the addition of a strong pair of ankle boots. These wide leg printed trousers paired with ankle boots is sure to turn any casual outfit into a strong feminine piece that turns heads! In this outfit she’s paired the look with a baggy, white sweatshirt—a perfect addition for those cool summer nights and the white keeps the luxe elements in place. These pants already turn heads when you walk down the street, so why not make the stares worth the effort? This Fashionista has added a pair of statement circle earrings.
What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to wear boots with these pants because it lifts them dramatically and adds a classic Beatles twist to it!”


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  1. themakeovergirl says:

    Love this look!

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    1. themainstreetandstyle says:

      Thanks! 💗


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