DIY: Bedazzled Beanie

Broken jewellery hurts. It hurts to throw it away and it hurts to keep it and look at it every day, knowing you can never wear it again! But what if you could… I have had this broken necklace since 2013, it resurfaces every few months and I remember that it exists, but this time I had a plan for it! I also had a beanie I didn’t fancy too much either. Which gave me the idea of bedazzling my beanie!All you will need is:

A beanie

Your broken jewellery 

Needle and Thread

I made sure to place my pieces where I wanted them before I began to sew, just to get a good idea of what the finished product would look like. Then I sewed them in place and voila! There you have it! A feminine twist on an otherwise masculine accessory. I paired this with a sporty ensemble of black ripped skinny jeans, black and white Nikes and a plain white tee.


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  1. This is so cute, would love to do it myself!

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    1. themainstreetandstyle says:

      Thank you! It’s awesome! 💗

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