Rest and Relaxation 

Sometimes we forget that we need to take a break, we tend to forget that we need a solid dose of rest and relaxation. I’ve found that the point when I realise I need to take break is the moment that I actually take the break! It’s like you don’t realise how tired you are until you actually sit down. Or that point when you wear heels all day and you’ve succumbed to the numbness. The moment you take your shoes off, it’s a mixture of relief and pain! I have been able to take a trip down to Margaret River. The annual family holiday is a break I always look forward too! It’s my fourth year down here and each time I’m here I feel as though I’ve entered my own little world of peace and tranquillity. This time coming back as a blogger will make the entire experience even more enjoyable! Day one started with a mini shopping spree, stay tuned for a Main Street haul! I spent day 2 exploring in a effortlessly casual outfit, a striped t-shirt dress, a denim chambray tied at the waist and my new obsession, my Adidas shoes. For the winter chill I added a khaki trench from Ace.


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