Feeling Blue

If you follow me on Instagram (cue shameless plug) @themainstreetofficial you will have noticed that I’ve been a little blue lately. My outfits to be exact! From day three to day six all of my outfits have had some sort of blue in each of those outfits. Which got me thinking about actually feeling blue and what you can do about it! You could be recovering from a bad day, a bomb that’s been dropped on your life or you’re just feeling a little down. Here’s a few things that I like to do to feel a little bit better! For me, I feel more in control when I look like I’m in control from my head right to my toes!A manicure/ pedicure can go a long way! I have these shoes and when I wear them I feel like I can take anything anyone throws at me in heels! Now, the thing about these heels is that they are open toed and crusty feet equals crusty life! I mean, how can one expect to walk through life, with feet that you are ashamed of and I have had many a situation where I rushed out of the house in open toed shoes only to realise the state my feet were in a little too late. As for the nails, I speak for everyone when I say that productivity increases when nails are looking sharp. 

Take a bubble bath, relax your muscles and read, listen to calm music or re watch your favourite season of Gossip Girl! Feeling blue isn’t chronic, it isn’t a disease that needs to be cured, it’s something that can happen once in a while and it’s okay to feel that way. It’s also okay to try and make yourself feel better. Shopping was my main ‘make Tatenda feel better’ activity but I am now looking for more cost effective options and I have recently fallen in love with painting! Find something that you enjoy doing, something that doesn’t feel stressful. Where you don’t need to compete with anyone. The best way to stop feeling blue is to do something only for you!


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  1. Jennicocoa says:

    Super cute pics!!! 🙈

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  2. Jennicocoa says:

    And just followed you on insta!!

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  3. Love your outfit, your pictures are gorgeous! ❤


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