The Lone Wolf

Being lonely and being alone can seem to be the same thing but in reality they’re two different ways of being. It’s something that can be a challenge to deal with if you cant tell the difference. From a young age I was taught that being alone is okay, this means being by myself, thinking or doing something I enjoy. Taking time out for yourself to look after yourself, your mind and body is important. In order to do that you have to be alone. Be by yourself, it’s good for you. The one way I can put it is that being alone is an action. Being lonely is a feeling.
Have you ever been in a crowded room. I mean shoulder to shoulder, people around you, left, right and centre and yet you felt completely and utterly alone, surrounded by approximately 25% of your closest Facebook friends. Being lonely is a horrible feeling, sometimes you really can’t help it. Trying to fix your loneliness can sometimes just make it worse. You can try everything there is, but it steals your confidence. Friendships are important, connections and relationships. Knowing that there are people out there that care for you, really and truly care. Golden friendships take time and effort, in the end they are more than worth it. Why? Because when you’re done being alone and reflecting you know you have someone to go to, you know that there’s someone you can be with. 
I used to stress over not being at events or being invited to things,I thought I was lonely. The real problem was I was looking at fools gold friendships and totally overlooking the treasure I already had. At that point I realized, I can be alone for however long I want, but when I’m alone I know for a fact that I will never feel lonely because I have a treasure that awaits. 


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