The White Sneaker Trend

If you’ve been following me recently you would know that I recently bought a pair of Adidas originals, basic I know but let me tell you something! I personally don’t follow trends to a T but this white sneaker trend has me feeling all kinds of fabulous basic. Aside from the fact that this pair of shoes will generally finish off every outfit you may ever wear in your entire life, it has other advantages. 1. Your street style game will travel from 0-100 faster than Bolt. S

Street style is a very large concept and its extremely versatile. But the style on the street is white sneakers. Wether its paired with a bomber jacket (link to trend clothes posts), a maxi pleated skirt or a pair of sports luxe leggings you will without a doubt look effortlessly choc and expensive.

2. It’s the perfect shoe for any college student. 

I’m writing this sitting at my favourite blogging pot at university, close to all of my studio classes and a stones throw away from the coffee shop that always pulls through. In the space that it took me to write that one sentence six girls – seven gi- eight girls have walked past me rocking the white shoes! (three of those were converse all start sneakers). Now, as mentioned before, they pull any outfit together just like that, but they are also a sensible shoe choice. Extremely comfortable and are perfect for that moment when you’re running late to class or generally trekking between your unreasonably separated classes. 

3. Once you hit up this trend you will never go back, personally I’m on my third pair of white sneakers, one of which are not so white but I do have a few tips and tricks to keep your sneakers white all year long! 

Now that you’re clued in on the trend, take a look at these sneakers, there’s one for everyone!


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