Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

I have had many an awkward encounter at university. For example the time I walked into a life drawing session and got an eyeful I didn’t need nor want. There are some situations that are just completely unavoidable. As you may or may not know I take a fine arts unit, just for fun! Last week we were told that we would have a model and I thought ‘okay cool!’. I was so naïve. I get to class and set up my work and the model walks in. I think to myself okay solid. Then she takes her clothes off and I think okay not solid. Not solid at all! I was not prepared for this, nothing prepared me for this. I then looked around the room only to realise everyone was so chill, why? Because they are fine arts students, this is their life! I on the other hand am a fashion student. I clothe people! That is my life! This was my internal battle, I also couldn’t leave because my work, or lack thereof would be assessed. So I stayed. I was quite proud of myself, I would definitely call my work conceptual, manly because didn’t really look like a fully formed human being but I think I did alright! The moral of tis story is- Well, it didn’t have a moral, it was just a story but now that I think of it, if there was a moral it would be… Push through the awkward situations, they can either turn into life lessons or funny conversational points when you’re pushing through an equally awkward conversation


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