O for Oil

Now that I’m out of the hair closet I can share all of the little things I do to keep my hair growing and healthy! I am currently living by the LOC method. This stands for Liquid, Oil and Conditioner. Here’s how it works. We naturals have our holy grail, and that is the spray bottle! Your spray bottle can have just water, or water mixed with your favourite conditioner. This is the liquid part, I spray my hair until its damp and evenly covered. Then I go in with the oil, this can be any oil but I have a set of oils I personally like to use. The next step is to condition. This can be a moisturiser, hair butter, leave in conditioner or just normal conditioner, whatever works best for your hair. This method locks in moisture leaving your hair healthy and smooth! 

Now onto the oils! I put my mixture of oils into a little dropper but a normal bottle will do just fine. My oils consist of:

Olive Oil: 

– Improves hair elasticity 

– Conditions 

– Anti – bacterial 

– Promotes growth 

– Penetrating 

– Strengthening 

– Gives hair volume 

– Makes split ends more manageable

Shea Oil:

– Strengthens damaged brittle hair

– Fortifies hair strands from roots to tip

– Locks in moisture 

– Protects from UV rays and prevents sun damage

Coconut Oil:

– Vitamin E 

– Helps with hair loss 

– Dandruff 

– Penetrating 

– Strengthening 

– Reduces protein loss 

Argan Oil: 

– Great proteins 

– Reduces the brittleness of over processed hair 

– Stronger hair 

– Vitamin E 

Macadamia Oil:

– Prevents hair breakage 

– Controls frizzy hair 

– Helps hydrate hair 

– Protects from UV radiation (Perfect for summer!)

– Strengthens hair 

Grapeseed Oil:

– Increases moisture retention 

– Makes hair smoother 

– Boosts hair growth 

– Reduces dandruff and dermatitis 

– Reduces hair loss 

– Strengthens hair strands 

All of these oils can also be used as a part of a pre- poo routine and hot oil routine. Keep an eye out for more hair care tips and tricks! Things I’ve learned from this year and things I am still learning! 

Love the hair you’re in and live a life you love! 



One Comment Add yours

  1. Skatsz says:

    What about Tea tree?! My absolute fave! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing xx


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