An Epiphany On The Stairs

The best thing about having to travel so far to get to my University is the downtime, the time I get to think. Today, I didn’t go to uni, an R & R day was in order and my skin was screaming for attention! But that’s not what this is about. This is about a moment that I had the day before. 

I am in a group assignment for a Small Business Planning class. I will keep my opinion of group assignments to myself and continue. I met with ¼ of my group and we decided that the level of the library we were on was too full, the only way from there was up! Walking towards the elevator I realised that he was heading for the stairs! The stairs, that until that moment I have never set foot on. I thought to myself it’s fine, it’s only just one flight of stairs. As we arrived on level 4 I did my best to not let on how out of breath I was, he seemed perfectly fine, so I decided to at least pretend I was.
It was in that moment that I realised my new years goal for the past 5 years had failed once again. It was then and there I made a mid year resolution. Slightly past mid year because, well, August. I have decided that my cardiovascular fitness is in need of some resurrecting. To be honest it needs to be reborn. So, now that it’s on here I have to remain accountable!

Now, three months later, I can proudly say I take the stairs all the time! Most of the time. Sometimes. I’m working on it! 


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