Exotic and Sophisticated 

Sometimes you just want to dress a little different. This day I wanted to do just that, although, it may not exactly be different from my usual. I’ll get back to you on that one. I like to put two words together that you may not usually see. Today it was Exotic and Sophisticated. With this hair there is no getting out of looking somewhat exotic, but I decided to try my hand at making this work. 
Now, I don’t necessarily condone stress shopping, however sometimes, after a hard day (if it’s in your budget) you can treat yourself! This was one of those treat yourself days. I’ve recently placed a cap on y shopping to save for an exciting project, but that’s another story. This dress caught my eye because of the colour, it’s a beautiful mustard, with more green that yellow tones. The fabric that it’s made from means it’s pretty light weight (not to be worn when windy, I’ve learnt my lesson…twice). It can be dressed up or down! I will always lean towards dressing it up! 

Pairing this outfit with kitten heals adds the perfect mix of sophistication with just a hint of playfulness. The neck tie is just the right addition, the stewardess vibes it gives are just to die for! The pattern on the necktie lends to the exotic half of the outfit. Next time you’re getting dressed give it a try, shake it up a little! It can be exotic and sophisticated, royal and chic or sporty and classy.


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