A Little Extra Sparkle

Christmas has officially ended and Michael Buble has gone back into hibernation. Until next time r Buble! I myself struggle to let go of Christmas. The tree must stay lit for the whole 12 days of Christmas! The one thing that I didn’t want to let go of is the make-up look I was sporting on Christmas eve because I love sparkles and my heart burst with a little joy every time I turned to look at myself in the mirror or blinked knowing my lids were totally bedazzled! I decided to recreate this look (to the best of my memory) for you. Enjoy! 
First things first are a clean fresh, fully moisturised face and lips. Next is my favourite primer from e.l.f. It’s only my favourite because I’m yet to try anything new! 

Me and my brows have been quite the time-consuming journey but I have reached the end (for now) and have found a lazy way to fleek the brows! Grabbing a mascara wand, I brush the wand through my brows, this tints them darker but it also replaces a bro gel by keeping them in place! Two in one! This step can get messy so concealing afterwards is a must. 

Contrary to popular belief dark people can get darker. So, because it’s not winter I’m not at my lightest and because I haven’t been out much since the beginning of summer, I’m not at my darkest. My solution to this is just mixing the two shades together. They also happen to be my two favourite foundations (this time I have tried many!) 

Now, I love beauty blenders as much as the next person but I find that applying the foundation with my fingers heats up the product a little and creates a seamless finish. Keeping in mind that this is a high coverage look blending is imperative so I went back through with a small brush in light circular motions. 

This is a step I’m sure we are all familiar with, the concealer to brighten up the face! Personally, I feel as though concealers are a bit thick and it ends up feeling like too much. Instead I use a BB cream and it does the job just right! And blend!

I apply powder only to the places that tend to get oily. Forehead, chin, nose and under the eye to set the concealer.

Now for the fun part! My eyeshadow was applied the same way as my previous make up post the only difference was the dark pink and black applied in the crease. 

Cue the sparkles! A gold crème shadow on the lower half of the lid and silver in the inner corners to open the eyes a little. A little flick of the wrist with a liquid liner and mascara finish the look off. I like to line the outer parts of my lash line to give more depth to the look. 

Apply a little blush. This blush stains everything! So, there’s only one specific brush for it! 

A classic red is the best option for the season. When a colour is too bright for me, I just add a little kohl liner and make it darker. Simple as that! 

The last step is to highlight, the tip of my nose, the bridge, my cheek bones under my brow and my cupids bow. And my sparkly Christmas is complete! 

I hope your Christmas as very merry and bright! 



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