Happy 2017

In typical New Years fashion I am writing a reflection. I would like to say that as I write this I am sitting on my balcony watching the sunrise with a cup of tea but that wouldn’t exactly be the truth. I am in my bed, 45 minutes into a deep condition for my hair since I absolutely cooked it with heat in the last half of December. I am watching the sun set on the first day of the year, wishing I had a cup of tea with me but not really wanting to leave the comfort of my fresh sheets. I begin to look back on all the crazy unexpectedness that 2016 brought to the party. I learned one, or two… a lot of lessons and discovered areas I need to grow in throughout the new year. One thing I have learned is that I need a diary not a planner. I now know the difference. I have dreamed new dreams for the next year, put plans into action and let a few things go. Aside from all the mature adult planning things, I have had a ball this year! Making new slightly unexpected friends and letting some go. Going out more and making fantastic memories. Now, I am a big fan of getting your life in order so watch out for the typical new year organisation tips. I just hope they stick throughout the year! 

If I had to share one thing from this year that I’ve learned that would be to be brave when faced with your dreams. That sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? Aren’t you supposed to run to your dreams? Well, we are, but sometimes our dreams can scare us, they can bring out new fears we didn’t think we had. Sometimes we think those fears are signs, signs that tell us we should stop right there. The way I see it however, is that these fears that arise are little pointers, in a way they’re quite helpful. They show you areas you need to grow in, things you need to change. When you overcome the fear that initially comes with that dream, then you will be strong enough to carry and live that dream. 

I didn’t realise it but I was fearful of what people would think when it came to starting this blog! I would think, maybe they’ll just think I’m a wannabe blogger. I was fearful of failure of not being able to stand out amongst a sea of bloggers. Overcoming that fear has grown me into a person that can have their own opinions, it’s shaken off some of that timidity I had. It has challenged me to work harder to find something that makes me different. Now, my dreams don’t scare me, they excite me. They make me look at not just the bigger picture but the small everyday decisions that will help me get there. 

2016 was a talk the talk kind of year, this year is a walk the walk kind of year! I for one am excited to walk into this year with confidence and style!


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  1. Chia says:

    I am already in love with the first sentence you wrote for this blog post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. themainstreetandstyle says:

      Thank you so much! I love your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chia says:

        You’re welcome and thank you so much! Xx


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