Bat Those Lashes 

Yesterday I ventured out to get my eyelashes done! I’ve always wanted to try it out and I found a lady that just so happened to need someone to practice on, but I love it so much I’d gladly pay her again! One of my favourite YouTubers calls them eye weaves! But for now we’ll just say eyelash extensions. 
Before you ask I’ll tell you, I have been told countless times how long my eyelashes are and I agree! I know they’re long but applying mascara all the time has just become tedious and I’d like a little extra volume without the hassle of washing it off at the end of the day. Also, my no make up days have definitely been given a little boost! 
I opted for a natural look at first but now I’ve seen that I like it I’ll definitely add a little extra drama! Not being able to wash my face properly for 48 hours hasn’t been much of a challenge given that I haven’t been wearing make up. 
My experience was a rather nice one. So nice that I had fallen asleep! It was a late night and an early morning but she didn’t mind, she even said it would be better if I fell asleep so that I wouldn’t get any of the glue in my eyes! Which is one thing I was worried about but I didn’t need to because I was in good hands! I’d definitely go back, so if you’re ever in Perth and you’re looking for eyelash extensions you’ll find them @chipees_hairbeauty on Instagram. 


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