DIY: Calendar 

If I’m going to be completely honest I’ve always thought that physical calendars were completely unnecessary. Whilst I’m being honest I might as well say that many things I had planned last year fell through due to my resolution of being more organised failing. So, that being said I thought I’d share with each post what I am actively doing this year to stay organised. Starting with a calendar. 
To me calendars were a useless piece of decoration with images of various plants or historical locations in UK and Ireland. I learned that I am a visual planner. I also learned that I should add my dates to my phone calendar as well. It’s incredibly helpful! I’ve decided to have a crack at this planner business. However, I wanted it to be a bit more cuter so I went where I go to look for everything! Pinterest. Seriously, Google comes secondary to Pinterest for me these days! All I can say is that Pinterest is like Google for creatives! 

I found so many free printables and I have feeling I’ll be using more! I found so many calendars I liked, especially the minimal styled ones however, I wanted my year to look a little more cute and colourful so I found this calendar. I fell in love with it! I printed it and cut it up. You can choose to staple your calendar together and keep it as a booklet, however, I decided to grab a bull clip and attach my calendar to a canvas with a print on it. It’s only been the first week and I already have so much written in! With all of my DIY’s a room tour may be in order!


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  1. Tabi Bee says:

    This is such a gorgeous idea! ❤ 😉 Love it! ❤ 😉


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