A Week Of Outfits 

I don’t always have a photographer handy to take pictures of all my outfits so I rely on my trusty iPhone and mirror! Here’s a week worth of mirror selfies and a few stories to go with them! Disclaimer there’s a paint mark I can’t seem to get off!

This particular outfit was one of my more creative masterpieces! I found this jumpsuits on sale at my favourite store, Villains. From $180 this Mossman jumpsuit was taken down to $20! I know where to find the sales! The top half of this jumpsuit is completely see through and I haven’t yet found the right undergarment for it! So I threw on this blush pink v-neck for a laid back look and paired it with a pair of lace up boot heels. The earrings I added gave the outfit more of a bohemian feel. My favourite part of this outfit is the lace peeking through at the top! 

This is the outfit I wore to a job interview. The interview was unsuccessful but this outfit was on point! This outfit has a light and flirty colour pallete. 

I wore this outfit to dinner, it’s a simple feminine outfit which I wore on a cold summer evening. It was so cold that it eventually started to rain! However before it was slightly warm so I decided to go with a long sleeved dress to keep me warm and cool at the same time! I paired this Navy blue dress with Khaki green boots. My favourite thing about these shoes is the gold zip detail on the sides. 

This is one of my favourite outfits of the week! A maxi dress turned skirt paired with a blush singlet. To dress the look down I wore my adidas sneakers. The sneaker and dress trend is definitely one of my favourites! 

I wore this outfit to another job interview! This look was successful and so was I! Here’s that blush pink top again! This time paired with a striped top from cotton on light blue jeans and once again my die hard sneakers! To glam the look up a little I added a sparkly choker from Ally! See if you can spot my CV in the corner! 

Off to lunch with a friend, this morning I woke up at 6am and it was super stormy and windy only for it to warm up a little later. It was a bit of a leather look that day with faux leather pants which are the most comfortable and flexible pants I own! Other than my workout pants of course! Worn with a simple maroon striped top and leather jacket this outfit was clean and simple! The earnings I’m wearing are from my new job! H&M! 

I wore this outfit for an early dinner with a friend. The bottom half is pretty predictable, my sneakers! The moment I saw this dress I knew I had to have it! This shirt dress from H&M can be worn in so many different ways! I might do a seperate post to show you! This outfit is perfect for a casual summer night out, especially if you love to walk around the city like I do!

I wore this outfit to a photoshoot for Amare Fashion House. This time last year I definitely wouldn’t have worn a dress like this but I’ve been going to the gym recently and I’ve become a lot more comfortable and confident in the skin in in! This dress was on sale again! $9 from Ally. With, you guessed it! My sneakers.

The sneaker and dress look comes in again with this maxi dress stolen from my sisters wardrobe! I wore this dress with a leather jacket as I was going to a family event and decency was a necessity to avoid the many Aunty stares!

My last outfit is my workout outfit! One of my favourite Boxing Day purchases all from cotton on body in my favourite colour of the moment! I feel more motivated to work out when I’ve got a cute outfit to do it in! 

And there you have it! A week in my life of outfits! This excludes a few but I hope you enjoyed this more casual post! 

ttyl xx 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abigail says:

    So stylish! I love every outfit! ❤ xx


  2. Chia says:

    stunning outfits! you rock gurl


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