The Heart Flower Connection 

January hasn’t even finished and already, 2017 has proved to be quite eventful. In this short month, I have learned one big lesson. To take care of myself. Now, I thought I was taking care of myself, my room was always clean and tidy, clothes colour co- ordinated, to do list checked. I had a morning routine, I was working out, eating right. But what about my mind, what about my heart? 

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, I bought flowers. I recently moved houses and after a lengthy debate I am now the proud owner of the room with a balcony. It looked rather empty for the first couple of months but I bought flowers this week to brighten it up. Back to the Disney classic. My life isn’t connected to these plants so there is nothing to worry about there! As a part of my morning, I go out onto my balcony, take my Bible, my journal and any book I’m reading. I sit on my bench and I take that time to reflect and water myself. I also take this time to water my flowers. It goes hand in hand! When my flowers aren’t watered then neither am I. When they aren’t growing then neither am I. When they are dying on the outside, so am I on the inside. 

Having that visual keeps me in check. It constantly reminds me to look after myself. So I can flourish and grow. I honestly cannot tell you what all the flowers are, but they are beautiful none the less. 

There is one plant we bought from Ikea a while ago. It started dying not long after so I took it and whilst its not back to the way it was when we first bought it, it’s on its way there. With time, love and care even the driest plants can bloom again! Just like you! We are all destined to grow and flourish but sometimes we forget to water ourselves but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. We are all a work in progress! After all, we all need a little dirt to grow.


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  1. twasquad says:

    love it!! thanks for sharing

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