The Heart Flower Connection / Part 2

After such a hot week the rain has been an incredible surprise! Unfortunately 10 minutes into the rain I realised that I had left my DIY cushion on the balcony. There was no hope left for my cushion!

 The rain also happened to teach me more about my beautiful blooms! Now, we always find those quotes about how rain is cleansing and everything is beautiful after a storm which is true. Looking at the rain as well as the fact that I had been away for a day and didn’t have the opportunity to water them. I thought of something else. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you are unable to water your flowers, let someone else do it. We need those people in our lives that are there to water us. 

When we’re down, when we feel tired. These people can be your friends, and it can come in the form of an encouraging word or talking it all out! It refreshes you and grows not just you but the relationship you have with others! Be watered by the people around you! Your environment, the experiences you have each and every day!

An update on my lovely flowers! Today I saw a little green sprout! I ran back into my room and told all my friends! I personally thought it was pretty quick but then I realised that there are just some things that grow quicker than others! I am yet to see any growth from my sunflowers or my Ikea zombie plant but some things just take a little extra time, a little extra care and eventually they will get there!


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