Make Those Brown Eyes Pop! 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you would know that my favourite makeup look involves a lot of rose and sparkles. However I have been looking at working outside the box, so I went back to basic art class with the colour wheel!

 If you have cool toned eyes like green and blue then warm tones will make your eyes pop. It’s the exact opposite with warm eyes like brown and hazel. Cool tones will make your eyes pop, so I’ve decided to test that theory! 

Pushing my hair back with my reindeer ears, and a freshly washed face I decided against primer and used CC Cream. This minimises the appearance of pores, evens out the skin tone and adds a warm glow. On a good skin day CC Cream would be enough for me. Since this is a full face a little foundation was needed. 

Next is the brows, I’ve been trying different ways to work these bushes and this is my latest technique. The trusty pencil! I filled my brows in with a pencil then brushed out the product for an even distribution. Then I cleaned up the shape with concealer.

Next, I concealed everything else! Under the eyes specifically for brightness. To avoid creases directly under the eyes I blended it in with my fingers.

Now it’s time to set it all with powder. Gotta blow off that excess product! 

After contouring it all, it’s time to get to the colour! 

I chose blue, mostly because it’s my favourite colour and it’s also parallel to brown on the colour wheel! My Naked palette had to take a step back this time!

I used this fantastic Revlon eyeshadow palette! 

I really could’ve just stopped at this primer because it was just so pretty! 

I applied the lighter blue on the lid and the darker blue in the crease. Next I highlighted the brow bone. 

To create a nice smokey eye look I applied khol liner on the outer area of my lid and smudged it out.

Taking some of the left over concealer I cleaned up the shadow and using a pencil drew a gentle cat eye. 

With that done it was time for the lips. I wouldn’t want to distract from the eyes so I chose a gentle rose colour and applied it with my fingers for a more natural coverage.

The reindeer is had to come off unfortunately, hair is brushed and curled and ready to go! 

This look is also glasses friendly!


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