What To Do With A Creative Block 

I am supposed to be writing a post for another company. But I’m stumped! I have bloggers block. I’m not necessarily sure that’s a ‘thing’ but I’ll make it one. If you’re a creative then you will understand that sometimes when your creativity is on a schedule or it has a due date you tend to become more task oriented and it blocks the flow of creativity you usually have. So, I have come up with five ways I like to re energise myself and my creativity!
This is a bit of a different one, I have a private Instagram account where I follow creative people from around the world. People that inspire me. Things that challenge me. Artists, designers, the occasional quote page anything and everything! This motivates me, when I see other people pursuing their passion whole heartedly it challenges me but it also reminds me that I am not alone! 

Just write. It doesn’t matter if writing isn’t your strongest point just do it! The best way is to keep a creative journal. I love to write quotes, sketch, write short stories, my dreams and thoughts in there. Anything that inspires me! When I’m out and about and I see something inspiring I take note, or take a picture and write about it when I get home. How it made me feel. My first thought when I saw it!

Get out! You may not have the time to go far but walk around! Its great to look at places you want to go on Pinterest but remember you have your own backyard to explore! Breathe in the fresh air, it’ll help your mind to relax! 

Re organise. This may just be me, but I find that if I’m not happy with the way my room looks or the space I am working in, I just get frustrated! I love re organising and re decorating, I am constantly moving my furniture around! I think that’s just a part of being a creative person! Finding new things and craving change! 

Put some music on and just dance! I do this when I’m feeling down, or tired or just not into whatever I’m doing! My favourite song to shake off the creative block is Shake It Off! Find your favourite song and let loose! You’ll feel, happier, lighter and it’ll get your blood pumping giving you more energy to get your creative on! 

So, the next time you’re in a creative slump try any of these out and see what happens! You might find just the idea you were looking for, or you may run into something new, unexpected and incredibly exciting!


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