Guess Who’s Back

The past two weeks of Uni have been rather interesting to say the least. My first week began with me battling a vicious cold! I had no voice for my first class and I also juggled work hours in between. This adult life hit me hard that week! Although I did get a few new ideas for blog posts for example, how to look good even when you’re sick which isn’t as difficult as you’d expect it to be! By the second week I was feeling better and I also had approximately ten new Facebook friends. Week 3 should be a lot more breezier, aside from the presentation I have tomorrow it should be a great week! Especially because the weather has cooled down. It has cooled down so much in fact, that a wonderful storm has arrived. Perfect reading and writing weather! Winter is definitely my favourite season!Week three of University starts tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that time goes by so quickly! Even though I was a bit wary of returning to university after such a long holiday it almost feels like I never left! A little bit of back to school shopping doesn’t hurt either! The best part about it is that it all cost me under $30! 

I am particularly fond of the colour scheme I’ve got going on, it pretty and feminine and it’ll hopefully encourage me to study even more! Yes I said study! Typically my units don’t involve any study whatsoever but this semester I’m taking an art history unit which I am beyond excited for, I love art and I love history so what could be better than this unit! 

Another thing that’s going to keep me super organised is my new planner! As you may know my planner from the previous year failed me so I began to look for a new one! Unfortunately I didn’t like any of them until one day I was two hours into Pinterest and I came across a bullet journal! The beauty of this journal is I can be as creative as I’d like! All you need is a dotted notebook and some pens! You have a completely blank page to write whatever you’d like, you decide what each monthly, weekly or daily spread looks like! I’ve been using mine since February and it just keeps getting better! It’s a learn as you go type of thing, so I’m discovering what works best for me and what doesn’t!

My involuntary hiatus is officially over! See you soon! xxx


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