Story Time: Ice Cream and Mental Breakdowns 

So, term one has officially ended. I’m going to jump straight into it and tell you about the worst week of the semester. With week of 6am shifts and early morning classes, catching up on lost hours was not an option. My breaking point however came the day before my big fashion assessment was due. I had a solid plan to make it to the studio to use the machines there that I didn’t have at home. I was on my second failed attempt at pants when I checked the time only to discover I had gotten the times wrong and if I didn’t leave straight away I would miss the free studio time. So I ran. Upon my arrival at the bus stop I discovered the next bus would arrive on the next hour. This would mean that I would arrive at the studio one hour after it closed. It was there, on Marmion Avenue that I had a mental breakdown. Apart of my mind knew that what was happening was very not normal but I ad no control of myself. First the corners of my mouth started twitching a little and then, then came the laughter. It was the kind of laugh you hear after a punch line of a fantastic joke, minus the maniacal twist that followed as I walked to the ice cream shop at the end of the street. It was in that ice cream store that I found my happy food! Cotton candy ice cream. I bought the ice cream, sat by the pond and listened to my new favourite author (Sara J Maas) and just smiled. 
From there I went back to work, after buying the rest of my comfort foods which includes Oreos! My assessment pulled together quite nicely if I say so myself! This was attempt number one that just needed a fresh perspective! 

The following week everything went back to normal! I went back to work, I went back to the gym and I even went back to my usual skincare routine! 

The moral of this story is we all have some shockingly horrible days, even weeks but no matter how many L’s we take we can always bounce back! Like this blog, it’s taken a two month long L but it’s about to bounce back real quick!


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