Study Breaks and Escapism 

I have taken a study break, to recollect my scrambled thoughts. Studying for an art history test is in one way fascinating but in another way it’s stifling. As a creative person it’s amazing to be able to admire the work of artists before me but like the creative junkie I am, I need to take the edge off a little, which is why I am writing now! Creative shakes are most definitely a thing, that feeling you have when you’re just itching to create something new. It’s like being in a hot and smelly room and finally cracking open a window. It’s fantastic! I thought I’d share with you one of my little adventures, brought on by a little sickness. On a sunny Sunday afternoon I found myself in West Perth, unfortunately I felt incredibly ill and decided to take a walk, I thought a little fresh air would do me good, so there I was, considerably over dressed for a walk, big curly hair, white ripped jeans, white dress shirt and nude heels. 

I walked with no direction, no destination in mind, just let my feet go wherever they pleased and in the middle of city apartments and shops and all the noise I found this beautiful, serene oasis and of course I had to take pictures! 

I am the kind of girl that loves the city but will long for nature after being parted from it for too long so this was a pleasant surprise and I immediately imagined a life there, a home there. It’s a fun imagination activity. The next neighbourhood you find yourself walking in, imagine yourself there, imagine an alternate reality. This is my escapism, especially when due dates are nipping at my heels. 

Your mind is a wonderful world in itself. Your imagination can be a tool, a weapon, a best friend or even your medicine. Sometimes I’m working at a ski resort in Canada or closing my own fashion show in Milan. Dare to dream, dare to day dream but maybe if you have a test in the next three hours put a hold on your day dreaming and carry on kicking but like you usually do! Here’s to degrees full of high distinctions and days full of dreams.


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